Michael Martino a natural born salesman knows only to treat customers like family. This is both a guiding principal & way of life for an award winning realtor. Michael’s dedication to listening intently has built rapport with a diverse range of individuals.

Combining a charismatic persona, expansive data base & his interpersonal negotiation skills has proved fruitful matching families with properties, businesses with buildings all in neighbourhoods that best suit their needs.

Michael has a unique, direct, confident & extremely passionate approach to achieve the premium price for your property.

His driven, unwavering determination, persistence & real estate expertise backed by a thorough social media/ marketing team has propelled Michael to become an outstanding industry leader.

Boasting decades upon decades of experience in the real estate industry & deep roots in Perth, Western Australia, Michael has excelled in navigating the complicated terrain of property solution as a Licensee of MICHAEL MARTINO REAL ESTATE &  MARTINO PROPERTY GROUP.

Michael is a highly respected real estate veteran with numerous notable transactions to his name and a has deep drive to help people by finding homes & properties that exceed their expectations.

Michael lives by the moto of KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.. Therefore arms himself with everything that empowers him to go over & above to deliver.

He strives to constantly learn & evolve in this ever changing landscape of the Perth property market.

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