Commercial Real Estate & Property Management Perth



Choosing the right people to manage your investment property is an important decision. If pro-active communications, strong rental returns and minimal vacancy periods are important to you, then it makes sense to choose an expert.

Ethical Practices

We are required to uphold all relevant Western Australian legislation that relates to the industry, but why stop there? So, we choose to uphold all the values that are important to our clients.  Sound corporate governance, honesty, and just the plain old philosophy of doing the right thingall the time.  It makes our lives easier, and yours too.

Efficient Operations

Our time is very limited, so we run our operations lean and strong.  Software and file storage is cloud based so we can run with the latest and greatest all the time, plus within reason, we can access your information wherever we are.

We don’t spend thousands on flashy brochures, signage, or offices (although ours are still nice!).  This means we don’t have to pass the costs on to you.


We don’t shop around for our professional services.  We have a team of stakeholders which have been built over years of previous work, and we value our team very highly.  Whether its development management, accounting, legal, facilities management or any other areas of expertise we outsource, we use our small group of trusted stakeholders, time and time again.  It builds repeatability, accountability, and improves our efficiency.

What You See Is What You Get

We don’t have unnecessary levels of staff.  The ones we do have, work hard behind the scenes to make sure everything goes well.  Whether you speak to our receptionist, our assistants or our property managers, each one has worked on your property and knows what needs to be done.

From our offices in Leederville, we run our business via the cloud.

  • Cirrus8 cloud-based commercial management software, which is a fully featured property software that integrates with our business from front to back.  Everyone from our clients (you can even login with your own client account, to our software, and see how your property is travelling at any given time!), to our trust account.
  • Cloud file storage, which allows us to edit spreadsheets and documents in real time on the cloud.  It also hosts all of our files which aren’t kept in Cirrus8, and through two-step authentication and various methods of encryption from the cloud host, your files are safe.

As a result of this, we can respond quickly to any enquiries, and other than what we literally send out in the mail (and hard copies of relevant legal documentation), we operate a paperless office.  Its quick, and it means we free up more time to do other things, like look after your property.