Residential Property Management Perth


Choosing the right people to manage your investment property is an important decision. If pro-active communications, strong rental returns and minimal vacancy periods are important to you, then it makes sense to choose an expert.

Most people don’t buy an investment property to become a property manager, they leave this to an expert. Privately managing may sound like a good idea to some, but remember it involves more than just rent collection. It involves amongst other things, sourcing quality tenants, handling tenant communication, attending to maintenance, and most importantly, compliance with legislation of the Residential Tenancies Act 1897.

Client Focused

We understand that real estate and property is all about people. Our business systems have been designed to exceed the expectations of our clients, and to keep our clients coming back to ProProperty Group. Client feedback continues to shape the way we do business, and we measure ourselves by the level of your satisfaction after the deal is done.


We don’t shop around for our professional services.  We have a team of stakeholders which have been built over years of previous work, and we value our team very highly.  Whether its development management, accounting, legal, facilities management or any other areas of expertise we outsource, we use our small group of trusted stakeholders, time and time again.  It builds repeatability, accountability, and improves our efficiency.


Advancing technology & the changing ways to access information mean that the only constant is change itself. We stay close to industry leading developments are early ‘adopters’ of new products that help match quality tenants with our rental properties. Our website, and our presence across all the major real estate internet portals mean we reach more people more often. All our listings are optimised for viewing from mobile phones which is now the fastest growing method of internet access.

Results Focused

We know that ultimately our clients employ us to do the job and we believe in active decision making and getting on with the job. Nothing else matters unless we succeed in this mission. The team at ProProperty Group has the focus energy to ‘go the extra mile’ and achieve outstanding results. Our actions speak louder than our words and we expect to be held accountable for our performance.