I am passionate about sales and my unwavering commitment to provide a 6-star service.

My background in sales, for over 30 years, has provided me with the ability to communicate with people on all levels and coupled with my honesty and integrity and the confidence in my dealings, my success has translated into frequent repeat business and referrals from appreciative sellers and grateful buyers who welcome my work ethic, diligence, open communication style, warm and outgoing nature.

Most importantly in today’s market, my experienced marketing savvy and expert negotiation skills, guarantee the best possible results.

I actually “fall in love” with every property I sell…obviously. Sometimes that’s easy when the property is absolutely gorgeous, however, even when a property may be completely run down and in a state of disrepair, I fall in the love with the idea of how it can be brought back to life with a makeover and the satisfaction the buyer will feel after they have put a part of themselves into their new family sanctuary.

Every property is different, every client is different, and I enjoy the challenge of matching the right buyer with the right property and to guide the sale process to a successful settlement, even through all the ups and downs that sometimes happens to the best of sales.

Fun fact about me…back in the early 80’s, I ran a successful relationship business and found so much pleasure in finding people the love of their life, which resulted in long-term partnerships. Clients felt comfortable opening up about themselves and trusting me with the most important thing in their life “love”. It’s no wonder then that I have carried this gift with me on my real estate journey.

Another fun fact about me…my middle name is actually “Love”.

Both sellers and buyers will benefit from the level of service offered by me, and I invite you to explore your property needs with me on a confidential basis, and without obligation.

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